Install Perfect Player from the Google Play Store, the Amazon Appstore, or the developer’s website:

  1. Open Perfect Player’s settings (the gear icon)
  2. Select “General”, then “Playlist” or “Playlist 1”
  3. Enter the M3U URL we sent you
  4. Name the playlist “IPTV Connect” (optional, but encouraged), then select “OK”
  5. Select “EPG” or “EPG 1” (may not be supported by us)
  6. Enter the EPG URL using this format:, where “uuu” and “ppp” are your username and password
  7. Select “Next”, then “OK”
  8. Back out of the settings, to the app’s homepage

If all steps were done correctly, and there are no typos in the URLs, you should have a channel list and EPG after a few seconds of loading.