Once your MAG box has been connected to your TV and the Internet (Ethernet cable recommended), and all software updates are completed:

  1. Reboot your box
  2. Once it’s booted up again, go to “Settings”
  3. “System settings”
  4. “Servers”
  5. “Portals”
  6. In the “Portal 1 name” field, type “Fab IPTV”
  7. In the “Portal 1 URL” field, type in the portal URL we provided you
  8. Exit back to the “Servers” page and select “General”
  9. In the “NTP server” field, enter the following address: pool.ntp.org, or us.pool.ntp.org for North America
  10. Save your changes, then go back to the “System settings” page and select “Reboot device”

When your box has fully rebooted, you should see the portal.


  1. To find your box’s MAC address, got to “Settings”, then “Device info”.
  2. Make sure the DNS on your MAG box is set to or, or the privacy-focussed
  3. If you go to “Settings”, then “Interface”, you can select the default page that your box loads into when you boot it up.
  4. If you experiece low sound/volume output from you MAG, a common problem that can occur after upgrading, switching portals, or initial setup:
    1. Turn on a TV show.
    2. While watching the TV, hit the Vol Up button on your MAG remote only. You should see a yellow bar (sometimes black) go all the way to the top/end.
    3. If it’s at the top, and the sound is still low, press and hold the Setup and OK buttons at the same time for about 2 seconds (on your MAG remote).
    4. Point the remote towards the MAG box, and turn the volume up again.

This should solve your volume issue. Each portal has its own volume settings and saves them independently.

Here’s a video tutorial: